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I have two excel files.

Data of file 1 is :

No  Author

1    Sam

2    Mike

3    Jhon

4    Admin

Data in file 2 is

No               Name                          Col3                   col4

1                   $Sam$                         xxxx                  yyyy

2                   xxx xxxxx                 xefaw                yyySanyyy

3                   zzzzzzzzMike              bbbb                cccc

if you see the data in file 2 either Name  or col 4 has Authors of File 1.

So i have to load in such way that if the Author from file 1 is present either in Name or col4 columns of file 2

Now while loading the code i used is


Load No,Name from file 1;


Load No,Name,col3,col4 from file 2;


load No,Name,col3,col4 resident tab 2

where exists(Author,Name)  or exists(author,col 4)

But this scrpt is not working as expected.

Can some one suggest other method or if some thing wrong i am doing now.

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Your problem is that as the field names in tab3 are the same as tab2 so tab3 will not be created but the data appended to tab2.

You need to make tab3 distinct from tab2 in terms of the table structure using one of:

1) A rename of a field

2) Using no-concatenate

3) qualification statement

4) Add a dummy field



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