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Export to excel with function


I have done one table in Qlikview and I want to export it. However I can not export the entire table to the excel (just the value). I created one function which originates arrows based on the VALUE1, but this arrows are not exported to excel. How can I overcome this problem?

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Re: Export to excel with function


AFAIK there is no way to export the arrows into Excel as a table - the only option is to export a bitmap image of the object.



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Re: Export to excel with function

The problem is that the table is big and if you export as a bitmap it only contains part of the all the information. The image is equal to the window of the qlikview page and you cant scroll down to see the others rows since it is an image.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Re: Export to excel with function

Hi Pedro.

Have you tried doing the export to bitmap in a macro? I believe the QlikView API is far more powerful than the default menus, after all, it's what utilities like NPrinting are based on.

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Re: Export to excel with function

You can solve your problem by using the report generator and adding a print report button with the report id linked.  Just click Reports > Edit Reports, add a new report and drag and drop the items you'd like to add to the report including the arrows..  You can create a custom header as well, and include your current selections in the report.

Edit:  You'll want to add the multi page option if your report is large.