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Expression Calculation - Variable name

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Hi i have the following scenario whereby i have used my variables as headerlines.

i would now like to make a calculation based on these two expressions

ie. (Expression1- Expression2)/ Expression1

can these expressions be used as Column1 and Column2, i have such complex names because of the the variables that it doesnt work.



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Re: Expression Calculation - Variable name


I'm not sure I understand your requirement. Do you want to use the columns of the pivot table in other expressions? If so then you can use the shortcut of '=Column(1)' for example - although I'd be wary of this approach as it breaks if you move the column order.

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Re: Expression Calculation - Variable name

Of course you can. In your case Column 1 = vDate_From.... and Column 2 = Date(VDate_From...

In variance do: (column(1) - Column(2))/Column(1)

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