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Filter values on different sheets

Hi -

I am working with a single data source but two worksheets.

How can I dipslay the  opposite entries on the two separate worksheets (Tab 1 - Closed tickets and Tab 2 -  Open tickets). It seems that the filter (status=closed) aplies to both worksheets, how can i separate the two? Is that possible?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Filter values on different sheets

hiii  zvirina123

this can be done but its tricky.

you need to create two data islands ( dataisland for tab 1 and dataisland for tab 2) which will have the field ticket with values open and closed.

then modify your tab1 charts expression in such a way that the value of open and closed will pass through the  selection made in the data islands 1.

and the same way for second.


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Re: Filter values on different sheets

Hi Nilesh,

What do you mean when you say data islands?

Thank you

Re: Filter values on different sheets


     It will be best if you share the data with us. That will give us more clarification about what you have and what you want.


Kaushik Solanki

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