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Fix constant object loading (hour glass)?

I have a dashboard with multiple charts and tables, but there is one particular chart that is constantly "reloading".  By that I mean it shows an hour glass and a very slow moving progress bar.

What I don't understand is why.  This table is not especially complex.  It has three simple expressions - the first two are summing amount fields, and the third is to calculate the percentage (compare first amount to second amount).  For example:

Expression 1: Sum (Amount_A)

Expression 2: Sum (Amount_B)

Expression 3: "Amount_A"/"Amount_B"

The expressions work, the table calculates correctly, but I don't understand why this particular object is calculating so slowly.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.


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Re: Fix constant object loading (hour glass)?

A couple of questions :

     a)     How many rows contained in the table ?

     b)     What are the dimensions ?

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Re: Fix constant object loading (hour glass)?

Hi Bill,

There are 347k rows.  It's a pivot table and the dimensions are Month, Year and Area.

Re: Fix constant object loading (hour glass)?

How about using a Calculation Condition so that if say more than 10k rows are selected it is not calculated ?

Although 347k rows is not an offensively large amount, but it is way more than a human mind can take in and process.

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