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Forecasting the sales

Hello ,i need help in writing a expression ,let say i got data

Item       month             spend

A             Jan                 1000

A              Feb                 500

A              Mar                 1500

B              Jan                 2000

B             Feb                    0

B              Mar                 1000

According to above table A had spend 1000 every month on averages so  for the rest of months on Average he will spend 9000

so i need to Estimated spend value for balance period for that year which is Apr, May June........Dec

which results like this for

item               spend

A                      9000

B                       9000


Naveen Kumar Kunuru

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Re: Forecasting the sales

Go to Axis tab- forecast (it will take only number) and in the expression tab tick the average option....

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Re: Forecasting the sales

Hi Naveen,

Take Item in Dimension and expression as follows

=aggr(Sum (spend), Item),

=aggr(sum(spend), month) // if u want each month total spent, if u want avg use avg instead of sum

It will show all Items total Sales, if u want u can use different aggr functions.