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Grouped chart with multiple dimensions


I am trying to put together a simple bar chart with 3 or more dimensions, each time I do it it always makes it a stacked graph.  Can anyone advise if this can be done?  Within the style tab 'grouped' is marked but the graph is still stacked!

Thank you.

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Hi Sara

From QlikView Reference Manual (page 641):

A maximum of two dimensions can be shown on the x-axis.

l A third dimension can be shown with multicolored stacked bars.

l Only table charts can display more than three dimensions.

l When two or more expressions are enabled, the two first dimensions are shown on

the x-axis and the expression with multicolored stacked bars.

I hope this answers your question.



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

What you're seeing is grouped and stacked. You can't use more than three dimensions in a bar chart. If you use more than one expression the maximum becomes two dimensions.

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qlikview only support to dimensions in grouped mode

you can use a pivot table as a chart see attach example

the only thing it means your chart will always be vertical

look at the attachment