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How to add value at run time?

HI All,

I have brand list and its some value like

Brand Value

A          10

B           20  

C          30

So, what I am doing is.

I have created bar chart. in that want to show below and above avg.

So for that I want to create 1 extra bar with avg.

So, I can identify below and above.

By add in database I can achieve

But it will show in filter as well so I don't want that thing.


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Re: How to add value at run time?

Why not use a Reference line? (see Properties->Presentation->Reference Lines) They're made for this and add a clear indicator without rearranging your object or taking away the focus from the actual values. Also, a reference line will behave better when a lot of brand values are displayed, while an additional bar may disappear altogether...

Add an expression like =avg(Value), and a suitable line text. The label can include the numerical value if you create a label expression like:

='Avg = ' & num(avg(Value), '#0')

Re: How to add value at run time?

In the actions or triggers of objects (buttons for example) you can generate extra sql code to add more information, go to External -> Dynamic Update

Take a look at the help online ... and let me know

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Re: How to add value at run time?

dummy chart.JPG.jpg

Peter I want like this.

which is not possible with that reference line.

So, I am going for 1 extra bar.

Re: How to add value at run time?

I'm with you.

Have a look at this great post (as always) by HIC: http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2013/12/09/pareto-analysis

He explains how to divide bars into categories and how to let them stand-out based on specific conditions. The same technique can be applied to your situation, I think.

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Re: How to add value at run time?

Sorry for that statement.

I have gone through that link. But peter my requirement is like vertical line. So, ..


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Re: How to add value at run time?

Can you give any example how to use that dynamic update in qlikview?

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