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How to display the background color for weekends in pivot table?


I am making use of pivot table to show the time line chart. I that chart display background color of the data value according to the status. Apart from this I am trying to display background color of both the header and data value in rgb(255,0,0) wherever the date falls in the weekend.

The major problem which I am facing here is wherever the weekends falls between start and end date it is displaying the expected color(rgb(255,0,0)). If the start and end date end before the weekend then in those cases it is not displaying any color. What I need is no matter the start and end date ends before the weekend. It should display darkgrey for all the weekends.

I have attached the sample application for your understanding. Select current week in the group of the chart to get to know about the problem.(Here you will see the not all the weekends rows/columns are colored)

Hope some one can provide me the solution for this.

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