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How to do Ttest to compare means of 2 Alternate States


I am trying to create some statistical analysis so I can compare the means values for different date ranges. I have managed to create the t-test to compare two months (Baseline and inherited) by using the following:

TTest_t({Baseline + $} Month, Value)

I have Baseline as an alternative state so the user can select any baseline date and select any date in the inherited state to compare them. However, I would now like to change this so you can select any date range in Baseline State and compare to any date range in Inherited state.

The TTest_t function says it requires  TTest_t (grp, value) where grp only contains 2 numbers. This causes problems for me when someone selects 01/01/2015 to 14/02/2015 as Baseline and 15/02/2015 to 30/03/2015 as Inherited etc.

Ideally I would like to have my States in this grp, any ideas on how I could do this?



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Re: How to do Ttest to compare means of 2 Alternate States

Have you had any success on figuring this out? I have a very similar situation in which I need to use this functionality.