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How to do up/down image


How to do this, the basis is AMOUNT

if there's no MONTH selected - the comparison should be This Year vs. Last Year

if there's month is Selected, the comparison should be This Month vs. Last Month

if month is January, the comparison should be ThisYear January vs. LastYear December

If Current is GREATER --- arrow up (red)

If Previous is GREATER --- arrow down (green)

That is the color coding, because it is for EXPENSES

Please help. thanks. Give me sample if ever. Thanks.

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Re: How to do up/down image

if(getselectedcount(Month)<=0, <<This year Vs Last Year>>>,

if(getselectedcount(Month)>0, <<This month Vs Last month>>>,

if(Month = 'January', <<This year January Vs Last Year January>>>)))

I hope this helps.

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Re: How to do up/down image


just build  the different charts  with no month,month,month is january and in the the layout condition of the chart use

getselected count(month) <>0 ,>0 something like this.

so when ever a selection is made that respective chart is dispalyed and the other charts are hidden.

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