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How to load text as money/currency

I've looked at a number of other posts regarding the same subject, and I can't see to get anything to work.

I need to convert the text in 'Value' field to US dollars ($).

Raw data is in .CSV file format.

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Re: How to load text as money/currency

I didn't got your question.

If you want to convert the existing value to US dollar, then would require conversion factor.

Re: How to load text as money/currency

Your field has a trailing non-printable char (160). Use the following in your LOAD to clean the field and make it a proper number.

LOAD KeepChar(Value,'.01234567890') as Value

If you want to preassign the $ format to it, just add num().

LOAD num(KeepChar(Value,'.01234567890'),'$#,##0.00') as Value




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