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How to set a popup to only display on one bar in a bar graph


I am trying to create popups that will display the corresponding information for each bar. I have included a picture below for reference. I am bringing in my data from SQL.

For my first bar, I want the 'Quantity In Stock' and 'Quantity Recommended' fields to only populate with data where the location code within SQL matches with this bar. So, if the code in SQL is 'Code = 1', then all of the rows within SQL that contain a 'Code = 1' will show up on this popup. Then, for the second bar, I want the popup to only display the data where it matches 'Code = 2', and so on.

My code for the 'Quantity In Stock' popup is: ='Quantity In Stock: ' & Sum({$<Code = {'1'}>}QuantityCountand the code for 'Quantity Recommended' goes the same way.

The problem I am having is that the popups right now are displaying on each bar. It will not let me take this code above, and assign it to only show up on the first bar - rather, it is showing up on every bar, even if that code does not match the corresponding bar.

How can I take a popup and have it only display for one particular bar?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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