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How to show certain values in a List Box??

=if((count({$< [Product ID]={"=count ({< Status={ACTIVE} >}DISTINCT UPC_CODE)=2"}>} Distinct [Product ID])-

count(Aggr(IF(COUNT(DISTINCT UPC_CODE)=2 and Status='ACTIVE',[Product ID]),[Product ID])))=1,[Product ID])

How to show only those values in a list box that satisfies the above condition? So  my expression calculates

the number of productID when AGGR Exp is subtracted from Set Analysis Exp. What I need is to identify Product IDs

that are not captured by AGGR function. It is working ok when I put the above Expn in the Expression of list box

and sort it by Expression. But what I really need is for the list box to show only those Product IDs that are not

captured by AGGR function, which is the same as satisfying the expression I have above.

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anyone? swuehl‌ or sunindia‌ ??