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How to use replace in a expression

Hello, please help me! I have this expression: 

=Count({<Message={'Activated sheet Document\SH01','Activated sheet Document\SH02','Activated sheet Document\SH09','Activated sheet Document\SH10','Activated sheet Document\SH11','Activated sheet Document\SH12','Activated sheet SH01','Activated sheet SH02','Activated sheet SH09','Activated sheet SH10','Activated sheet SH11','Activated sheet SH12'}>}Message)


I need to replace the text in the table : 'Activated sheet Document\SH01' and 'Activated sheet SH01' for the text 'Inicio', and the same for the other values for example: 


Activated sheet Document\SH02' and Activated sheet SH02 for the the text 'Billings'


Do  I need to modify the expression or I need to do in the script? 



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Re: How to use replace in a expression

Either Way it should work , If you are changing the Script then the column names will be renamed;

If on Expression it will be the correction done to match the applicable values.

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Re: How to use replace in a expression

Thank you so much, you know how to modify the expression?