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IButtonProperties.ActionItems in QlikView 9 from a VBS script


I am trying to migrate a vb script that "apply"s a bookmark and exports a table object to a csv from QV 8.5 to QV 9.

I was inducing the "Apply" action through a macro but now this seems to be obsolete in QV 9 and replaced by "ActionItems". I am trying to understand how I can define the same behavior using ActionItems.

Anyone understand the transition between macros and actionitems?

I need to do this in the vb script itself and cannot manually trigger this due to my requirements.



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Hi. You may use Actionitems something like this:

set prop = ob.GetProperties


i = prop.ActionItems.Count-1

prop.ActionItems.Item(i).Type = <number of Action type>


prop.ActionItems(i).Parameters(0).v = <macro name, variable name etc.>

prop.ActionItems(i).Parameters(1).v = <...>


p_ob.SetProperties prop

Action types :

Info=0 Sql=1 Lock All=2 Unlock All=3 Clear All=4 Clear All Incl Locked=5 Back=6 Forward=7 File Close=8 Next Tab=9 Prev Tab=10 Export=11 Launch=12 Macro=13 Recall Bookmark=14 Replace Bookmark=15 Create Bookmark=16 Print Report=17 Activate Sheet=18 Print Sheet=19 Print Object=20 Restore Object=21 Minimize Object=22 Maximize Object=23 Activate Object=24 Select Excluded=25 Clear Other Fields=26 Select Possible=27 Lock=28 Unlock=29 Pareto Select=30 Set Value=31 Field Select=32 Field Toggleselect=33 Open Url=34 Document Chain=35 Eov=36

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I have the same problem and want to add an action to a text object with a macro.
When i use the information like shown above, i always get an error from qlikview. I am using Qlikview 9 SR 5. I can read out the actions that are linked with a textobject, but at the moment i am not able to change these actions nor insert new actions to this textfield:

Here is the code i use:

sub test2
set MyText = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TEXTTEST")
set prop = MyText.GetProperties
i = prop.Layout.ActionItems.count-1
prop.Layout.ActionItems.Item(i).Type = "31"
prop.Layout.ActionItems(i).Parameters(0).v = "Test1"
prop.Layout.ActionItems(i).Parameters(1).v = "Test2"
MyText.SetProperties prop
end sub

When i execute this script, qlikview is crashing and i have to restart it.
I am forced to use macros, so using actions that are manually added to this field will not help me.

Any Ideas? Thank you.

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The problems seems to be that parameter(1) (the value for the variable) is not accepted by qlikview. When inserting a macro (13) mit parameter(0) everything works.

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To add value for parameter 1 you need to add this next parameter.

So, if there are 2 parameters (0 and 1) you have to use the command "parameters.add" twice.

And you can always check the amount of parameters using property parameters.count

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Hello dj-kalle and nannyogg,

your code Doesnt work for Chart Objects do u have any idea how can i handle this for Chartobjects?

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doesnt work for CH objects and Listboxes why and how can i do this

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doesnt work for CH objects and Listboxes why and how can i do this?