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Ignore Selections

Hi All.

Is it possible to ignore the selections?

I have to find average users per Day, week, month etc.

This is my expression: =Floor(Avg(Aggr(Count(DISTINCT([UserName])),Day)))

When I select User class in the Dimension List box I get

User Class | Daily Active Users

Total            | 1584

CLIENT       | 1588

USERS        | 1583

But when I select the USERS it shows:

User Class | Daily Active Users

Total            | 66

USERS        | 66

which is correct.

how do I ignore the selections to always show the accurate value. 


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Re: Ignore Selections

Which of the two is showing the correct numbers? What selection did you make when you see the 1st table and what selection did you make to get the second table?

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Re: Ignore Selections


to ignore selection you should use

set identifiers

1 - Represents the full set of all the records in the application, irrespective of any selections made.





Re: Ignore Selections

So When I select User Class from the Dimension List and Daily Active User from the Metrics. I get the First table. When I click on Users in the Table I get the second table