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Inserting Columns in a table


I have pulled some data via an Oracle Database through an OLEDB connection, and would like to know if it is possible to insert a new column of data into the existing table which makes use of an expression of the initial extracted data. An example is as below:

IDCountryLast ConnectionLast Connection (New Column)
ID1Country112:28:33 14/8/17Less than 3 days
ID2Country11:10:22 9/8/173 - 7 days
ID3Country29:34:11 4/7/17More than 7 days

I am now currently able to group the data by Countries as the first three rows of data was pulled together via the OLEDB connection, but I am having trouble inserting a new column, as I would like to be able to display the data in terms of a chart, to show the number of days since last connection by country (showing the classification of days, instead of the exact time of the connection).

I have tried inserting a List Box, with an expression in it to calculate the values, but it is unable to be put into the Quick Chart Wizard as it is not seen as a field.

Any help for this would be much appreciated!

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Hi Jonathan,

Please find Below:

If(Today()-Floor(Date(Date#([Last Connection],'hh:mm:ss DD/MM/YYYY'))) < 3,'Less than 3 days',
If(Today()-Floor(Date(Date#([Last Connection]
,'hh:mm:ss DD/MM/YYYY'))) > 7,'More than 7 days',
'3 - 7 days'))


Arvind Patil

Contributor III
Contributor III

Why don't you add the column in the LOAD script instead of expression?