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Inventory Aging

In inventory ageing report ,I am having two quantities -StockQty and ReceiptQty as expression.

My output should come based on the below condition,

for eg: If the StockQty is 1000, then the receiptQty have to be splitted in agewise as follows

0to30days-250,30to60days-500,60to90days-250,90to120days-0 and >120 days-0

But in my application receiptQty not coming within the range of StockQty,its exceeding.

Please suggest me the condition for satisfying the above criteria.

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Re: Inventory Aging

Hiii Siva,

Please share the logic of Inventory Aging which you developed in Qlikview.


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Re: Inventory Aging


take at least two dimension in pivot,

and in which take one dimension  which is made on this

0to30days,30to60days,60to90days,90to120days and >120 days.

now drag and drop this dimension on the top of the expression

then this field show column wise 0-30, 30-60 etc.

then in expression

write if(StockQty =1000,  receiptQty)

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