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Link Actual Data with Transaction History


I am working on some project and i want to combine the following data:

Current Stock

- Amount of articles in stock for each article. Only what the stock looks like right now.

Transaction History

- For each article it gives the transaction history. So for example:


I want to make the transaction history visible, how can i do this?

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Re: Link Actual Data with Transaction History

I am looking for an example how to do something like this.

Right now I'm going to try the previous(); function

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Re: Link Actual Data with Transaction History


U need to create a Calender Master Based on Transaction Date.

Set Variable vMaxYear= Max(Year)

Exp : For Currentyear = Sum({<Year={$(vMaxYear)}>}Transaction)

For Lastyear = Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year(Year))-1)>}Transaction)

It will show Year wise Transaction,If u want to put month,then inside exp include month



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