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Load script data from SQL and store them in an xls(x)


we Need to prepare an ERP-Implementation and have some issues with exporting data into excel

Does someone of you knows a way to load data directly from the database and store them into an excelfile?

Today we are loading like below and it works.

Now we Need additionally a load into Excel.

But we have a second challenge: The first 60.000 entries go into Table 1, the next 60.000 entries go into Table 2 and so on

(If we create a table and Export to Excel it has more than 1.2 Million entries)

//Index der CODA-Tabelle
//AND DELDATE is null

store efa_asset into $(DirDataQVD)efa_asset.qvd; (This should be adapted to load it into an Excel-File)


store efa_asset into $(DirDataQVD)efa_asset.xlsx;

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Re: Load script data from SQL and store them in an xls(x)

You can't store to an excel file. Only output to qvd and text files (like csv) are possible.

store efa_asset into $(DirDataQVD)efa_asset.csv (txt, delimiter is ',');

If you need to dump data from a database directly from the database into excel files then use an ETL tool that supports writing to Excel.

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