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Looking for expression

Hi all QV developers, would I ask you for help?

I have one table with authors (DVD's) and their sales. And 2 connected sliders over triggers on variables.

I am looking for expressions which will be set in triggers probably.

Default state:

- upper slider shows %

- left slider shows whole numbers (integers)

- straight table contains list of authors and their sales. Table is always sorted by sales size descending


1. When "x%" is selected on the upper slider then table show sales of products which are "x"% of total sales.

2. On the left slider - how many products makes this "x"%

Same in reverse.

Should I use RANK or something else?

THANKS YOU MUCH for any idea!


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Re: Looking for expression

Hi Mirek,

If you are running version 11, you can use those variables in the Dimension Limits tab in the chart object properties instead of the expression, that saves you to write a complex aggr() rank() function.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Looking for expression

Thank you Miguel, I know about this option. That was my first version of my solution :-)

I thinking about expression, which will be as a trigger on variables (OnChange Action). Because I need to see on left slider (duplicate the number of rows to left slider), how many products does this percentage of sales.

Triggers on variables makes sliders connected.

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