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Looking up value in table

Hi all,

I've got a table called [VVO Timing] which has the following columns:

- [VVO Timing.Model]

- [VVO Timing.Series]

- [VVO Timing.Group]

- [VVO Timing.Type]

- [VVO Timing.Release]

Now I'm adding expressions to a table which only has data which do not map to any of the above columns or table above.

I do have available Model, Series, Group, Type and I want to retrieve the Release from the table.

I thought of creating a set, something like

=firstSortedValue({$<[VVO Timing.Model] = [Model], [VVO Timing.Series] = [Series], [VVO Timing.Group] = [Group], [VVO Timing.Type] = [Type]>} [VVO Timing.Release])

But this doesn't seem to be working.

My table correctly displays [Model], [Series], [Group], [Type] but I can't do the lookup in the table [VVO Timing].

Am I forced to create a custom load script?

Perhaps create a Mapping and a ApplyMap, but I really want to know if the above is possible to perform a lookup.

Also your thoughts on performance are very welcome.



N.B. I can't change the tables, they are configured to load as they are, I can only do a custom load script, I can't change the sql that feeds the qvd's!

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Re: Looking up value in table

Hi Percy, try this:

=firstSortedValue({$<[VVO Timing.Model] = p([Model]), [VVO Timing.Series] = p([Series]), [VVO Timing.Group] = p([Group]), [VVO Timing.Type] = p([Type])>} [VVO Timing.Release])

The idea is that for each Field Selection, you can't use Field1=Field2. The right-side of the statement must be some kind of a value list. Instead, you can use Field1=p(Field2).

But I guess that you could solve the problem by adjusting your load script.

Can you post the QVW (with sample data / scrambled data / reduced data)?

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