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Lost sales

Hi all,

I would like to know how do I not have the sales in the period?
I already have the sales made now would like to know which products were not sold in that period?
Gleybson Fernandes

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Lost sales


Assuming that those who haven't sales for the period are all but those who do have sales, using set analysis the expression to return the count may look like

Count({1 - < ID = {"=Sum({< Date = {'>=$(=Date(PeriodStart))<=$(=Date(PeriodEnd))'} >} Sales) > 0"} >} ID)

Meaning all IDs except for those that have Sales in the period greater than zero. Above syntax may require some cleanup.

Hope this helps.

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Lost sales

Hi MIguel.

I have a similar query, I need to select a client to display all products that do not buy, unspecified period.

The fields of my table are: Customer, Product and Quantity.



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Lost sales

Miguel, thank you for the post but did not resolve.
have any other suggestions?

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