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Measuring Against Target

See sample QV attached.  I have everything working in my main QV report however want to measure performance against target, this is easy enough but I don't want the YTD filter to filter the table, ie I want to see all countries, their sales, even if zero, against target.

Selecting YTD filter allows me to see target YTD, and deselecting allows me to see full year target, this is perfect, I just don't want any of the dimensions on this sheet of the report to be changed by the YTD filter?


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Re: Measuring Against Target

look this thread up ignore all selections except for some selected columns, if I understood your request correctly this will work

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Re: Measuring Against Target

Hi, In the attached file I only changed one chart to save time but I think it shows you exactly how to achieve what you need.

First you need to create an alternate state by going to you document settings and name the alternate state such as Alt1 for this example.

Then in you list box for YTD change the alternate state to Alt1.

In your chart expressions add to the set analysis YTD_Flag =[Alt1]::YTD_Flag for every function.

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Re: Measuring Against Target

Hi ,

I checked the attached application, If i have understood your issue then here is the solutions for it

you can go to Chart Object Properties>Presentation> uncheck  Supress Zero Values and uncheck Supress Missing

And Chart Object Properties>Dimension>Check Show All values

And if you want you can supress null values from your dimension if you want(I noticed there is null value in the Country dimension)



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