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Missing, Blank and Null Values

Hi there

I am trying to provide a count of the missing, blank and null values in the attached Customer Address table.

I have tried many on the helpful examples from the community but cant seem to get the result I expect or understand my results.

I am simply adding Expressions in the List Box widget and had sucess with count min and max values.

I am using the system value of $Fields in my expressions.

In the data I would expect a 0 return for Address Number but 12 for 'Customer Address 1' field.

Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: Missing, Blank and Null Values

You can test for nulls and empty strings with if(trim(len(MyField))=0,....

And the 'empty' values in Customer Address 1 in your excel file seem to be strings of 40 spaces.

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Re: Missing, Blank and Null Values

I think

Sum(If(Len(Trim([Customer Address 1]))=0,1,0))

will return 12

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Re: Missing, Blank and Null Values

Hi Gysbert / Nagaina - Thank you for your prompt replie and explaining the what I need.

All working now



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