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Missing Data and misplace item numbers

In the chart attached you can see the issue I am having. My Current Item number is not matching with its proper Current 2nd Item number field and the Current 3rd Item number field. It repeats itself until a new line of "Current Item" numbers comes in. I have looked into Oracle and there is nothing wrong in there. Each number matches up perfectly it also displays the correct "current short name" as well. Also, the only reason why the "current Item" number is displaying correctly is because I grouped that field with the "Current Item Desc 1" field otherwise it will display the incorrect number just like you see in the "Current 2nd Item number" and "Current 3rd Item number". I have no idea what is going wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: I am having an issue with a couple of fields I am pulling in from Oracle.

The problem is probably in your data model. Can you post your load script and a picture of your data model?


Re: Missing Data and misplace item numbers

Ok, but how we are supposed to help here?

If you think this is a problem with QV loading the data from the source, i.e. in the script / building the data model, you should post some more informations: The script you are using, some sample lines of data coming in and what you expect to get.

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