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Multiple Restraints on a Set Expression

I'm trying to limit the information shown on a pivot table using the expressions. I want each expression to obey certain conditions. My question is: Do set expressions work like this

=sum({<Condition 1>*<Condition 2>*(<Condition 3.1>+<Condition 3.n>)*(<Condition 4.1>+<Condition 4.n>)} Fieldname)

I want the expression to fall under condition 1 and 2, any condition 3  and any condition 4. 
I've tried this already but something's not working like I thought it would

Thanks in advance

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Re: Multiple Restraints on a Set Expression

I believe this should work

=Sum({<Condition 1, Condition 2> * (<Condition 3.1>+<Condition 3.n>)*(<Condition 4.1>+<Condition 4.n>)}>} Fieldname)

Made two changes

1) Added Condition 1 and Condition 2 in one set

2) Added a ending >} before the Fieldname 

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Re: Multiple Restraints on a Set Expression

The first point worked fine, I didn't know you could do that. The second addition makes the system go "Error  in expression"

Thanks for the quick reply!

Re: Multiple Restraints on a Set Expression

Can you share the exact expression you have used?