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Need help on Reports based on two different dates


I Have a simple report to be generated ie

Due vs Collection for each month   . 

The fields are   Due_date, Due_amount, Paid_date, Paid_amount  in the table now i take due_date as a dimension and  put expression  as sum for due amount     and paid amount  .

The Due Amount sums up correct but the paid amount is incorrect for the given month .

I Have attached a sample application with  Payments table and a master calender  and the data for payments is for months april-2012  

I want the logic to include total dues  and total collection for a month ..

Can anyone help me out with this

Thanks in advance ,


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Re: Need help on Reports based on two different dates

Take a look at the tutorial "Using Common Date Dimensions and Shared Calendars " at http://robwunderlich.com/tutorials/.

The tutorial will show you how to aggregate two fact dates -- due_date & paid_date -- into a common month dimension.


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