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OR and NULL in set analysis


I have a problem with my set analysis:

I want count my users who is in my company in a date selected by a filter year or month..

For this I have a date of Arrival of my user and I hva maybe A date of finish.

My Expression is :

count({$<[Date d'Effet]={"<=$(=Date(max(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},[Date de Fin]={">=$(=Date(min(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}>+
<[Date d'Effet]={"<=$(=Date(max(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},[Date de Fin]={""}>}MatriculeCollab)

I have two cases : One My date of finish is not in the database and my users are in my selection. Or this date are wrtie and in this case It must be superior or equal to the minimum of my date selected (Year, Month)

With this set Analysis I succed to have the users who have date of finish but not who don't have date of finish.

Can you help me please?

Kind Regards

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OR and NULL in set analysis

Hi Bruno, try this:

count({$<[Date d'Effet]={"<=$(=Date(max(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},[Date de Fin]={"", ">=$(=Date(min(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}>}MatriculeCollab)

Hope it works


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Re. :Re: OR and NULL in set analysis

I have see, it's not works.

I have found a set analysis but it's works only at 90%. I don't understand why because the lines of 10% are normal too 😞

count({<[Date d'Effet]={"<=$(=Date(max(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}>*(<[Date de Fin]={">=$(=Date(min(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}>+
<MatriculeCollab={"=len(trim([Date de Fin]))=0"}>)}MatriculeCollab)

Can you see if they have a problem please?


Re. :Re: OR and NULL in set analysis

Sorry, no ideas. Can u send a sample qvw?