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Object Aesthetics

Good morning All,

I don't have a lot of experience on the application design side of things, and was wondering if there are any tutorials out there on object aesthetics, i.e. making objects look pretty. I have come across a number of qvw's, whose objects look quite refined from list boxes to graphs and charts. I am looking for techniques that will help me move away from standard default colours and settings etc to gain an understanding on how to manipulate object aesthetics.

Many thanks for your help.


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Re: Object Aesthetics

the first step is to go in Settings -> document properties and select "styling mode" -> advanced, then look at "object style" ...

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Re: Object Aesthetics

Thank you Alessandro, can I possibly email you a qvw for a quick discussion?

Re: Object Aesthetics

Yes, you may, attach it to the discussion ...

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Re: Object Aesthetics

Hi Herbert,

there is a nice book 'Learning QlikView Data Visualization' by Karl Pover, which gives you all...



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Re: Re: Object Aesthetics

Hi Alessandro,

I like the very simple grey white and green design of this app, couple of questions. Hopefully with answers to these, I will start flowing in the right direction;

1) How do I create a back ground similar to the one used? (With the line running across the top and the green band at the top - looks really nice)

2) How to get the current selections box looking like this?

3) The list boxes objects seem to be glued, and you can't move them around. How was this achieved?

4) How were the colour schemes in the straight table manipulated to get a banded effect?

Sorry to ask a thousand and one questions.

Thank you Herbiec09

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Re: Object Aesthetics

Two answers:

3) Look in the Layout Tab of the object properties and untick "Allow Move/SIze".

4) Look in the Style Tab of the object properties, use the "Stripes every..." spinner to change the banding on the rows.

Re: Object Aesthetics

Unfortunately I cannot open your document!

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Re: Re: Object Aesthetics

Let me try again

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Re: Object Aesthetics

Incredible book Burkhard, I bought a kindle version yesterday, absolutely brilliant.

Many many thanks


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