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PDF Reports

Hello everybody !

This is my first message on this board, and I'm french so excuse my english !

I've recently began to work on a big qlikview application, and I'm supposed to create PDF reports from it.

The problem is :

I have one object, O1.

O1 is supposed to on report's page 1 with context C1

O1 is also supposed to be on report's page 2 with context C2

This is my main problem.

The only solution I've found is to duplicate the object and forced O1's expression to C1 and O1' to C2, no matter user selections.

But, there is not only O1, there is also O2, 3, 4 ... almost 30 objects with 10 contexts !

And by contexts I mean user selections and variables values.

So I've tried to use Alternates states, but I can't really figure out how it works, and it doesn't seem to make it.

Well, voilà, I hope I've been clear !

Thanks anyway !


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Re: PDF Reports

did you try do it by :

right mouse button on page report ---> page settings ---> Banding   --->loop page over possible valuesin field


try to create new report, paste object O1 and loop as i write above (and check how it works and if it could be used to resolve your problem)

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Re: PDF Reports

Hi Pari Pari and thanks for your answer.

Let me explain again :

O1 in page 1 is supposed to display Context 1 (selection = bla and variable = 1)

O1 in page 2 is supposed to display Context 2 (selection = bli and variable = 2)

So looping pages is not the solution I'm looking for.

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Re: PDF Reports

Yuo can still write macro creating pdf

(using bookmarks with selection and variable values)

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Re: PDF Reports

Yeah, I think I'll do that.

But can I still use the report's loop function in macro ?

Because I have to make a pdf for each values of a row.

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Re: PDF Reports

no raports loop

just difrerent loop in macro - my sugestionSmiley Happy

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Re: PDF Reports

Okay, thanks Pari Pari, I'll maybe try your solution.

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Re: PDF Reports

write more info and post small sample file

i'll try to prepare macro this evening

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Re: PDF Reports

I want this macro please post this example


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Re: PDF Reports

You're asking a question of an 18 month old answer. If the code wasn't posted in December 2012, your chances of it happening now are slim, unless there's someone monitoring necro'd threads.

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