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Partial Sums in Pivot Tables

I have a simple Pivot Table chart that has the Fund and Date as dimension. I have an expression that is based simple x(k,i)/N(k).... where x(k,i) is some value for the the Fund k and date i. And N(k) is some value for Fund k. The number is a %.

Currently the Partial sum is simply a Summation of x(k,i)/N(i). This is fine for the date Total, but not the summation I require across for the Fund Total.

Example: 2 Fund, A, B. Across 1 date - Jan 2013.

Fund Total (0.6%) <---------------- I would expect to see 0.3% here also, but instead see 0.6%

A Jan 13: (0.3%)

B Jan 13: (0.3%)

Fund total should be  ( x(A,i) + x(B,i) )/ (N(A)+N(B))

What happens is I get Summation of x(A,i)/N(A) + x(B,i)/N(B)

Is there anyway of specifying how I can do the Partial Sums at different hierarchal levels in a pivot table in Qlikview?

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Re: Partial Sums in Pivot Tables

You can use the dimensionality function to find out at which level you are

if(dimensionality() = 1, expression1, expression2)

You may want to start with simply adding dimensionality() as an expression to see the numbers for the levels.

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