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Pivot table sum before


I have following problem. I created a pivo table with a sum formula and an additional formual sum before for making a comparison. But the formula at the moment will be executed for every column. But I want that this sum before forumal should only executed for the dimension run.

The result should like this

Run: 1 -> sum(Amount) = 350; before(sum(Amount) = -

Run: 2 -> sum(Amount) = 175; before(sum(Amount) = - 175

Run: 3 -> sum(Amount) = 215; before(sum(Amount) = + 40

The column for before(sum) should based on the right right side for every Run.

Please look at my app.

Thank you!

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Re: Pivot table sum before

Okay something has changed. Please look at my example. On the right side der ist a "Gesamt" Sum for all values. But I want this for every run. Is that possible?

Thank you

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Re: Pivot table sum before


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Re: Pivot table sum before

Okay, I think this is the real example which shows my problem. In the example there are 2 tables. The table above is correct with the sum(Amount) and Sumbefore... for every run. But in the belowtable there is an additional dimension and after I take this dimension to the table there is no chance for me to become the logic of the table above.

What I want is that in the below table there should be the complete sum for every run. Is that possible?

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