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Problem: Concatenate Tables

Hello Community,

I have two tables, one of them contains errors, the other includes quantities produced. There are certain columns that exist in both tables and should be used as dimensions. So I have concatenated the two tables... The problem is that in the first Table a column DefectNo exists, that in the second Table does not exist. But this column is to be used as a dimension in the chart. If the DefectNo column is used in the chart, there is no assignment of Defects and Produced Quantities anymore (see Table 2 in QlikView-File). Is it possible to exclude the DefectNo in calculating the amount? The appendix provides a simple QlikView example and a Excel-File with the required result.

Thank you!

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Re: Problem: Concatenate Tables

you can use Set Analysis to overule any selections in DefectNo


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Re: Problem: Concatenate Tables

no, this is not the solution in my case.

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Re: Problem: Concatenate Tables

Hi Mario,

Could yo try not to concatenate tables, use Join instead so you can have defects and produced values in the same row.

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Re: Problem: Concatenate Tables

please fund attahment

hope it heps u..

u have to join

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