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Problem with Stock Price chart

Hi, i'm new to Qlikview and i need some help!
Basically in my sheet i load some data from Yahoo Finance and i'd like to create a chart showing the changing of the stock price, similar to the one that you can find on google, searching for example "Qlik stock price"

here the link with the image.

I've tried in so many ways but i can't cope up with anything, qlik shows something on the chart only when i select a year and a month! i want to show all the prices, for example: i want to see in my chart the price of Apple (AAPL) from july 1999 from dec 2014

here's a sample with some stock index and the empty ( sadly ) chart

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Hello Matteo,

try to rename these fields you created:

Year(Date) as Year,

Month(Date) as Month,

Day(Date) as Day

I think it's not correct...

Hope this helps you

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(somehow i can't replay to you, Elena)

mmm, i don't think so, because with other kind of chart that renaming doesn't give me any problems...can you please be more specific ?
Somehow i managed to get close to the Google chart by using Min/Max/Avg([Adj Close]) but still i can't have the result that i'm looking for ( Google chart like-ish)

thanks anyway, i'll try renaming those fields hoping that something will change


Try this.

I changed the dimension using a cyclic group and added sum function in the expresion.

PS: It's not a best practise naming a field with a function like Year(Date).... I suggest you to change those fields...