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Problem with Variable

Hi All,

New to QV & slowly getting to grips with the syntax for QV expressions and have come across a problem using variables.

I have a variable defined: v_subsect where the value is SUBSECTION_DESC (without an equals) using this in a straight table with a dollar sign $(v_subsect) produces the correct result in that for each line on the table (representing a product) the correct Sub-Section is diplayed.

I have come up against issues trying to use the variable in a set analysis within the same straight table.

for example to give the total revenue for the sub-section a product belongs to I tried:




neither of which produced a value at all.

Does anybody have any ideas as to where I am going wrong??


PS - whilst I understand sharing the QV would be helpful, unfortunately I cannot do so due to business restrictions!

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Re: Problem with Variable

=aggr(nodistinct sum(units)/sum(visits),range)


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Re: Problem with Variable

Hi Andrew,

Try this:


Re: Problem with Variable


     Try puting = in your variable declaration.


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: Problem with Variable

Thanks Both - unfortunately I still get zero! which I know is not the correct answer (Since I can see the revenue for the product)

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Re: Problem with Variable


change $var

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Re: Problem with Variable

Andrew, the variable returns a text? If so, try this:


New Contributor III

Re: Problem with Variable


sum( TOTAL {<SUBSECTION_DESC={$(v_subsect)}>}revenue)

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Re: Problem with Variable

Hi all - i am currently working with Andrew on this problem. I've attached a QVW with some dummy data which hopefully highlights the problem. Any ideas would be useful. Think we've tried most of them so far.

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Re: Problem with Variable


Change the expression as below:



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Re: Problem with Variable

alas no... That nets me the same result as:


which is the total units for each product, rather than the total units for the range the product is in.

this also doesn't work


as it totals all the ranges rather than all the products in the range.