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Problems with color expression

Hello everyone, I'm working with a extension of Qlikview which I have to set the color using an expression...

I'll try to explain as better as possible the problem, imagine a map and the expression that defines the range of colors is:

RGB(190,            (255/Count({$<cities_names=>} total cities_names) *  rank( sum({$<cities_names=>} total_value))),               0)

The problem is, when I select one row of the cities_names the map seems to not change, even though the selection of the cities_names is made... When I took off the rank function, it works fine, but the range of colors change when I make any selection...

Just an observation, I want to variate only the green channel.

If anyone has an idea, I'd love to read, this problem is getting me crazy.


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Problems with color expression

One more thing, sorry for any English mistake, I'm still learning the language... Shame on me.

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