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QlikView 11 - Upgrade : Feature documentation

Hello fellow QlikViewers

We are about to upgrade from QV10-SR3 to QV11-SR1. 

The enhanced features such as alternate state analysis is of particular interest and something I wish to totally understand.  I have attended the following courses: Designer I, II,  Developer I, II, III and Advanced Set Analysis.  The documentation associated with them is invaluable when building complex applications where they serve as a great source of reference.

Given the new features of QV11, I feel that my existing documentation is now out of date and requires additional material.

Assuming the respective courses have been updated to cover QV11 and the latest features, where can I source the additional material without trawling through hundreds of threads within the community that may or may not provide what I am looking for?  I have so far searched the internet and found very little.

Many thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Kind regards


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Re: QlikView 11 - Upgrade : Feature documentation

Please find the attachment.



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Re: QlikView 11 - Upgrade : Feature documentation

Hmmmmmmm. . . . . . . thanks Prasath, it appears that an object can have any one of a number of states, but one state only.

This doesnt really aid my situation as I had hoped. 

I currently select a set of data in the future as it looks at a given point in time and compare it to a similar set of data in the past as at another given point of time within one object.

ie: Nov'12 as @ 1st Sep'12 vs. Nov'11 as @ 1st Sep'11. 

ie: Dec'12 as @ 3rd Sep'12 vs. Oct'11 as @ 16th Jul'11.

I currently manage this within one object with the use of several date islands and set analysis.  It's not pretty and I was really hoping that alternate states might make the process a lot easier.

I was also looking for some example material from the Developer I, II or III manuals which cover the subject in 'user coding' detail rather than 'sales talk' detail.

Master II
Master II

Re: QlikView 11 - Upgrade : Feature documentation

There are some answered questions about alternative states that can help you, I guess:



Re: compare date / 2 groups