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QlikView Desktop as HTML ?


there are always st... question by beginners . As I be also.

Is it possible to export a QVdesktop file to HTML ?

Thank you for help. I'm an absolute beginner (coming from SAP)


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Master III
Master III

What is the question behind the question? In other words: What is it that you are really trying to achieve?

May you live in interesting times!
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in SAP BO Dashbordoard Tool is it possoble to export BO Dashboards to HTML File.

In this way I can develop an Dashboard and link it to an existing HTML Menü Frame.

My question was, is there a function in QV Desctop to export an QV document to HTML.


Master III
Master III

To start: There is not need for that. With a QlikView server you get an intranet website (the Accesspoint).

For easy integration of Qlik technology within other software (which might just be a website), I would suggest Qlik Sense.

But the question still remains: What is the idea behind what you are trying to achieve?

May you live in interesting times!