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QlikView Google Analytics

Hi all,

I've managed to get Google Analytics data through REST connector, thanks to great hints in discussions Google analytics - authorization and pagination and REST CONNECTOR locate the Authorization token‌.

However, I found out that the data is not matching the Google Analytics web dashboard. For example metric users. When I get the data for 30 separate days into QlikView the total user count is exactly the same for each day in the web dashboard, however when I select a full month in the web dashboard the numbers are different in QlikView.

Same applies for metrics: bounceRate and newUsers.

Anyone has any experience with this? Managed to get the same results out of QlikView that are shown on the web dashboard?

Do you guys extract per day (like me) or use different periods? Other tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance!

Regards Stefan

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Re: QlikView Google Analytics

Hi Stefan,

                 One of the reason's this might be happening is due to google api returning sampled data. You will have to set samplingLevel: 'HIGHER_PRECISION' when sending the request to google api along with the id and start date/end date & dimensions+metrics.