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QlikView Variable Expansion in set expression


I have set the variable as


= if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Feb' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Mar' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Apr','Q2' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

       if(Month([SNP Process Date])='May' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Jun' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Jul','Q3' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

              if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Aug' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Sep' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Oct','Q4' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

                     if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Nov' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Dec','Q1' & (Year([SNP Process Date])+1),

                           if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Jan','Q1' & Year([SNP Process Date]),


and I'm calling this variable in my text box with the following set analysis.

=num(sum({<Quarter_Check = {$(vqc)},

[SNP Group Source Code]={"SNI","WR"},[Sales Order Type Category Code]={"TO"},

[Supplier]={"(1) OEM Partners","(2) RVC","(3) HPN","(4) ODM Partners","(7) OEM"},

[Profit Center L0 Name]={"EMEA"}>}[Secured Position Net USD Amount])/1000,'#,##0')

this does not work. Please help.

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There is more than a problem:

in set analysis you can use field={var} but the right side of the expression must have 1 value so you can use Max, Min and so on but not expressions that returns more than one value.

Another problem is the sysntax, but before this, try to define another expressoin