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Qlikview Expressions using less than a date


I have created this expression in one of my straight tables,

code =Count({$<[Not Retained] = "1">} distinct [PersonID]) /code

This worked fine as I was calculating the field [not retained] (The calculation is defined as "not (table1.END_DATE > table1.REQUIRED_DATE),1,0") as part of the script and concatenating it. This works as the required expression fields are part of the same table.

However I now need to recalulate this field as "not (table1.END_DATE > table2.REQUIRED_DATE),1,0" I don't want to join the two tables as part of the script, because it is going to create one huge table, which resulted in a memory error the last time I tried it.

I tried to alter the expression to be this,

code =Count({$<[table1.END_DATE] <= [table2.REQUIRED_DATE]>} distinct [PersonID]) \code

But had no joy, the "less than" expression breaks the formula. Can someone point out how to make the less than operator work in this fashion, or maybe suggest an alternative?


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