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Random Forests

Hi there,

I've been spending a bit of time on www.kaggle.com and I see a lot of the thought streams coming from there seems to be that Random Forests are great ways to do Classification and Regression models with a fairly high level of accuracy.

I was wondering if anyone had implemented a random forest in Qlikview and if so, would they be kind enough to share the code so we could follow the logic and perhaps start adding to it and improving it so that we could really provide a great tool within Qlikview.

I know Python and R both have the ability to run Random Forests relatively easily.

I think it would be awesome in Qlikview

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Re: Random Forests

One option would be to do your Random Forest classification in Python and then write the results to a CSV file to be pulled in by Qlikview.

This is what I'm currently playing with and doing if anyone would like some examples, please just message me.

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Re: Random Forests

Hi Justin, I am very interested in seeing these examples, can you please share them?

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Re: Random Forests

Hey justin, it would be great help if you share your code with me. coz i m trying to do the same with R.