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Refer to previous column name

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I looking for a solution to refer to the column name of a column before.

I would like to have the label of the first column based on the second column (depending which value I've choosen)


Thank you very much for your help in advance,

Philip Sanders

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Look for above and previous key word ... (search in the guide)

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Please type in your column name as it is in the expression and in case your column name has space in between then type in your column name in square brackets [].



I do not know of any way to get that column name, but if you need to use the column in another expression, you could use the column number instead. eg Column(1) + Column(2)

But it seems like you want to sum the column in your screenshot. You cannot to the best of my knowledge use aggregation functions against other columns in the table. Only simple row arithmetic.

Hope that helps


Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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Dear Alexandors17,

Dear umeshajadhav

thank you very much for your super-fast help. I appreciate this a lot.

I've taking a look on the previous and above function but do not see how this can work in this example.

My first Expression should have the column-name of the second column - depending on the current selected expression in the cycle group.

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I just only want to use the name of the second expression (based on the current selection in the cycle group)

for the first expression.

Ok, it's clear now,

so try this:

in the label expression for column1 write



     - aaa is your cyclic dimension (never mind the error it warns, it works!)

     - 'uno' is the label expression when condiction is satisfied

     - 'due' is the label expression when condiction is not satisfied (one of the two must be equal to the label of the second column

Hope it may help.