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Reg:Query on YTD

Hi All,

I am having a typical scenario for YTD.In that I am having entry for 365 days.So when I click current day

i have to see the values for past one year.

For Ex:

if I clicked 1st May 2009 ,in that case I have to get values from '5/01/2008' to '5/01/2009'

For more clarity I have attached qvw with this query.

If any one of you having faced same kind of issue please let me know the way 4 solve.

Thanks & Regards


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Reg:Query on YTD

Hello Jai,

For what it's worth, it seems you don't really need an YTD analysis rather than a moving annual total or twelve months rolling date instead. YTD means (speaking with today's date) you want to analyze from "Ene 1 2009" to "Mar 8 2009" compared to "Ene 1 2010" to "Mar 8 2010" (today).

I'd use

AddMonths(DateField, -12)
in your script and expressions so you can select the last 12 months (i.e: from today's date minus one year to today's date or selected 01/03/2009, sum sales from 01/03/2008 to 01/03/2009). Your expression then should look like
Sum({< Date = {">=$(=AddMonths(Date, -12))<=$(VMax)"} >} Sales)

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