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Regarding circular loop and Linktable

Hi Friends,

I have three excel data sheets, one is master data sheet it has a field called zone, another two excel data sheet they also contain common field called zone when i tried to link,it creates circular loop, i have  many other data also which has been linked through link table, now i need to link  these three excel data also along with this, i am not getting how to link.

In link table i have common fields of Dealercode  , commonyear , commondate  and not zone.

but these three excel data contains zone as common.

so help me to solve this issue.

Thanx in advance,


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Re: Regarding circular loop and Linktable

A Picture of your table viewer would be helpful but in general when using a link table model.  The table must Either link to the link table or to a dimension table, it cannot link to both.  Without seeing the data structure I'm not real sure what your issue is.

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Re: Regarding circular loop and Linktable

Hi Nikitha,

Can you post snapshot of your data model here.

So that the scenario is much more clear.

Snehal Nabar

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Re: Regarding circular loop and Linktable


Before looking into the actual problem, first take a call if the problem can be resolved using Concatenate.

Creating a Link table is expensive interms of time and involves lot of attention to your script.

In reply to your post, pls check this


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