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Relation clicks on another field


I need a function that when I click on field A, this field should only execute the values from field B which have the relationship about the data model. Is there anywhere an example about something like that.


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Re: Relation clicks on another field

I think you will need to provide more details maybe with a few examples when should what happens. And for what reason might also be helpful then maybe there are other ways possible, too.

- Marcus

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Re: Relation clicks on another field

This is standard QlikView functionality.

Whatever value you select in field A, filters the corresponding values in field B, provided of course, that the tables these fields belong to are connected, or they belong to the same table.

Please elaborate.

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Re: Relation clicks on another field

Can you explain what do you mean by 'execute the values from field B'? It would help if you can try to create a sample format of your output and data.

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