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Rounding issues in Qlik Sense

Hello All,

I load data from a table having a column with datatype decimal(17,2); it's dedicated to financial amounts.

When Qlik sense displays a (large!) sum on this column, the result differs slightly from the result I get with a SQL-query. More surprisingly, Qlik sense gives different results in the sum of a table and in a text field with the formula  Sum([MU Amount]):

The correct result is:

The difference is only some units on a large amount, but it's unacceptable with financial data.

As a workaround, I use a new column where these values are multiplied by 100 and casted to integer, I perform a sum on it and I divide the result by 100 ( Sum([MU Amount x 100])/100 ). And I don't use the total in tables anymore.

Does anybody encounters the same type of issue ?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Gauthier,

we have the same issue with small difference in decimals

I tried to replicate your approach but it doesn't work.

The data is stored in format numeric(19,4).

Don't you have any other tips how to avoid it?