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SET current Period to Previous Period

Hi All,

I have an issue with one of the tables that I am creating. Find the table below. I have formulas calculating the values from Q1 - Q4 and Fy depending on the Year and the Period selected (say Year : 2016 and PEriod : 5 )

I need to create one more column which should recalculate the formulas for Pevious Period.

In the formula there are other variables that are dependent on the period too. Eg: Target Period will be  >=1<=4 for Period 4 and will be >=1<=5 for Period 5.

Is there any way I can force the Period value to be Period -1 in the begining on the caluculations so that I will be able to re use my formulas?

Q1Q2Q3Q4FYFY Pre.Period
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Re: SET current Period to Previous Period

It would be better if you can share some raw data with expected output.

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